As the world of vape is constantly evolving, the only constant there change. Many times we stock a juice that our employees and customers are mad about. It sells like hotcakes for a few months, then sales fall flat. Why? It's not because the juice isn't great. We're talking about juice that a few years ago would make your head spin. It's just that vapers currently have an embarrassment of riches from which to choose from. There are thousands of flavors to choose from today. The market is saturated. Our job is to find the flagship brands that are the foundation of our shop. Unfortunately as space is limited, we have to rotate some less popular brands out.

We put the remaining bottles on discount in the shop. Sometimes something amazing happens. Take the case of Trippy Drips. Our flavor expert Kristen insisted that we carry Trippy Drips when the shop opened 10 months ago. It languished on the shelves for a few months, barely selling. We decided reluctantly to close it out and put them in the discount bin. Then, slowly at first, the customers who bought Trippy Drips at a discount started coming back for more. All they needed was a "push" and it took off. Today we still stock Trippy Drips, it is back at a non-discounted price, and one of the best selling brands in the shop. You can also buy it here in our online store.

Vapers consume on a flavor heavily for a few months, then burn out and go on to find the next "amazing flavor". It's human nature. It's up to us to know which flavors to hold, and which to fold.

All the juice we stock has to meet a set of rigorous tests before it gets a place in our shop: Is it different from other juices we stock? Will it round out our flavor selection? Is it manufactured to high quality control standards? Are our customers and employees begging us to pick it up?

Yes begging is part of the selection process. We get so many solicitations from new juice manufacturers that it's hard to keep up. Our business model was to try and not step on the toes of other shops in the area. So our shop generally doesn't sell the "mega-brands" that you see on the shelves of every smoke/vape/glass shop on the corner.

In a way we've made it a little harder on ourselves. Instead of offering juices that already have a following, we build a following for the juices we believe in. The juices we offer here online have met the test. If you're not sure about a flavor, give us a call during store hours and we'll be glad to give you our recommendations.

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