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We offer our $8 30ml ejuice closeouts and overstocks from our vape shop - exclusively available online.

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  • Fearless - 30ml - Select E-Liquid

    Fearless will remind you of your favorite sweet glaze. The combination of tropical flavor finished with hints of sweet refreshing cola will tickle your tongue!  
  • Marilyn - Pinup Vapor - 30ml

    Marilyn blends creamy vanilla custard with hints of butterscotch and a warm caramel drizzle.75 Vg /25 Pg"This is my all time favorite juice brand and flavor!!! The butterscotch makes this...
  • Christy - Pinup Vapor - 30ml

    With notes of Pineapple and Coconut, Christie will sweep you away to an exotic island.75 Vg /25 Pg"Smooth pineapple on inhale and you get that coconut exhale that finishes so...
  • Crystal Smurf - Vapergate - 30ml

    Crystal Smurf by Vapergate - 30mlBlue Raspberry with fruity undertones. No coloring additives for the cleanest experience.80 Vg / 20 PgCrystal Smurf never gets old..It's been my all day vape for...
  • Sophia - Pinup Vapor - 30ml

    Sophia will tempt your tastebuds with notes of lime blended with a mix of tropical fruits.75 Vg /25 Pg"Sweet lime margarita !!! You will love this stuff!!" - Carole *Please note:...
  • Smurfette - Vapergate - 30ml

    Blue Raspberry with a grape and lemon-lime finish.80 Vg / 20 PgSmurfette is the fruitiest." - Tucker  
  • Strawberry Astronaut - Jimmy The Juice Man - 30ml

    Strawberry Astronaut is as the name implies, primarily strawberry, but with apricot undertones.50 Vg / 50 Pg3 is Max Vg"I love the JJM fruit flavors, and Strawberry Astronaut is one...
  • Bubbs - Jimmy The Juice Man - 30ml

    Bubbs is just like your favorite pink bubblegum as a child, with a touch of lemon.0,6,12: 60 Vg / 40 Pg3 is Max Vg"This tastes like the first bite into...
  • Victoria - Pinup Vapor - 30ml

    Victoria is a classy gal that's the life of the party. She seduces your tastebuds with juicy melon and sweet candy notes.75 Vg / 25 PG"Victoria is absolutely my favorite...
  • Shurb - Jimmy The Juice Man

    Shurb is a top seller in our shop and is like a liquid rainbow sherbert. Hands down one of the best fruit flavors you will ever taste!3 is max VG0,6,12: 60...
  • Raspberry French - Jimmy The Juice Man - 30ml

    Raspberry French is a sweet, tart raspberry flavor, balanced out with cream.0,6,12: 60 Vg / 60 Pg3 is Max Vg"The flavor is a nice sweet/tart raspberry with a nice creamy finish."...
  • Punk Pie Cheesecake - Uncle Creepy's - 30ml

     Punk Pie Cheesecake is a pumpkin pie flavored cheescake. Some say it taste like fresh pumpkin pie with a dollop of whipped cream on top. Its a holiday treat you...
  • Soul Custardy - Beantown - 30ml
    Sold Out

    Soul Custardy - Beantown - 30ml

    One of the most complex and satisfying dessert vapes on the market A perfect mix of creamy vanilla custard, graham crackers, brown sugar, Tennesee whiskey, and a touch of butterscotch,...
  • Lemonem - Beantown - 30ml

    Lemonem by Beantown - 30mlLemonem is a very true lemon sugar cookie. Plain & Simple. 70 Vg / 30 Pg"I was expecting more tartness from this juice but in my experience it was very...
  • Banana De Leche - Beantown - 30ml

    This is a true ripe banana flavor (as opposed to candy banana flavors)  with burnt sugar, hints of cream, and a smooth, rich caramel finish.70 Vg / 30 Pg"... tastes like...
  • Peachy Strawberry - Jimmy The Juice Man - 30ml

    Peachy Strawberry has a taste that some compare to fruit roll-ups.50 Vg / 50 Pg3 is Max Vg"This juice very good. Tastes just like strawberry astronaut (strawberry jolly rancher) but...
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