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  • Banana - Lil' Bits - 60ml

    Lil Bits has perfected the art of Tic-Tacs. The perfect banana candy juice! You'll go ape over this vape!
  • Blue Raz Pop - G2 - 45ml

    G2 has made a crisp sweet blue raspberry candy flavor vape that is sure to please.0,6,12: 60%Vg / 40%Pg3: Max Vg"Great Raspberry flavor, very close to a candy pop" ~Annabelle...
  • Blunomenon - 120ml

    Blunomenon is a true Phenomenon! Bursting with Blue Raspberry flavor! 70vg/30pg    
  • Bubbs - Jimmy The Juice Man - 30ml

    Bubbs is just like your favorite pink bubblegum as a child, with a touch of lemon.0,6,12: 60 Vg / 40 Pg3 is Max Vg"This tastes like the first bite into...
  • Fear The Rainbow - Bomb Sauce - 30ml

    Fear The Rainbow is tart and sweet candy explosion."Tastes like Skittles" - Jeremiah   
  • Grape - Lil' Bits - 60ml

    Lil Bits has perfected the art of Tic-Tacs. Grape Vape! Strong grape flavor, sweet candy undertones
  • Orange - Lil' Bits - 60ml

    Lil Bits has perfected the art of Tic-Tacs. The Orange Flavor will be one of your favorite vapes
  • Peachy Strawberry - Jimmy The Juice Man - 30ml

    Peachy Strawberry has a taste that some compare to fruit roll-ups.50 Vg / 50 Pg3 is Max Vg"This juice very good. Tastes just like strawberry astronaut (strawberry jolly rancher) but...
  • Shark Bait - Sweet teeth - 60ml

    Shark bait is a Lingonberry candy flavor."I'd been looking for a Swedish Fish flavored vape, so this is my new fave!" - Oscar    
  • Sour Straws -Green Apple - Bazooka - 60ml

    Bazooka Sour Straws Brings back the memory of those paper straws full of sweet & tart candy powder. Yeah, you loved them then, and you'll love them now!
  • Stranomenon - 120ml

    Go back to Grandma's House with this strawberry hard shell candy with a soft chewy center 70vg/30pg    
  • Straw Lime - Naked100 - 60ml

    Straw Lime (formerly Berry Belts) A tart strawberry-lime candy. Will give you a belt of sour flavor!  
  • Strawberry - Lil' Bits - 60ml

    Lil Bits has perfected the art of Tic-Tacs. This one has a nice strawberry zing! Tasty with sweet candy undertones.
  • V2

    Strawmelon Taffy is a throwback Flavor of Strawberry and Watermelon Taffy."Brings me right back to the Taffy shop on the Boardwalk in Myrtle Beach, SC" - Jennifer  
  • Victoria - Pinup Vapor - 30ml

    Victoria is a classy gal that's the life of the party. She seduces your tastebuds with juicy melon and sweet candy notes.75 Vg / 25 PG"Victoria is absolutely my favorite...
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