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Vape Juice with a Strawberry Flavor
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  • AK-47 - Bomb Sauce - 60ml

    AK-47 is a perfectly mixed strawberry, Peach, and Banana Smoothie. Right on Target.  
  • Brain Freeze - Naked100 - 60ml

    Brain Freeze provided a cool menthol blast. A unique fruity menthol perfect mix of strawberry, tart kiwi, and sweet ruby red pomegranates. Leaving you with a very cool and satisfying exhale. "Brain...
  • Eye Scream - Vape Orenda - 60ml

    A scoop of strawberry ice cream inside a sugar cone...Eye Scream is a deliciously decadent treat. 30% PG / 70% VG ."..I love this true ice cream experience." ~Davis  ...
  • Lava Flow - Naked100 - 60ml

    Pineapple, Strawberry and Coconut make up the flavors in Lava Flow. A fresh and sweet Hawaiian treat you'll surely want to try! "Lava Flow is to me the ultimate Tropical...
  • Oh-Face - Beantown - 30ml

    Oh-Face by Beantown - 30mlA Strawberries & Cream concoction. Some even get a hint of pastry .70 Vg / 30 Pg"Real fresh actual strawberries and a buttery cream!" - Nicole  
  • Pastry Parts - G2 - 45ml

    A light flaky french pastry filled with strawberry jam.0,6,12: 60%Vg / 40%Pg3: Max Vg"The pastry, cream, and strawberry flavors mix together better than most any juice I've had." ~Carmin  
  • Peachy Strawberry - Jimmy The Juice Man - 30ml

    Peachy Strawberry has a taste that some compare to fruit roll-ups.50 Vg / 50 Pg3 is Max Vg"This juice very good. Tastes just like strawberry astronaut (strawberry jolly rancher) but...
  • Pot O Gold - Out The Box - 60ml

    If you remember that mischievous elf that loved his marshmallow cereal topped with Strawberry Milk, then you'll love this delicious vape. It's magical!  70vg/30pg
  • Stranomenon - 120ml

    Go back to Grandma's House with this strawberry hard shell candy with a soft chewy center 70vg/30pg    
  • Straw Lime - Naked100 - 60ml

    Straw Lime (formerly Berry Belts) A tart strawberry-lime candy. Will give you a belt of sour flavor!  
  • Strawberry - Lil' Bits - 60ml

    Lil Bits has perfected the art of Tic-Tacs. This one has a nice strawberry zing! Tasty with sweet candy undertones.
  • Strawberry Astronaut - Jimmy The Juice Man - 30ml

    Strawberry Astronaut is as the name implies, primarily strawberry, but with apricot undertones.50 Vg / 50 Pg3 is Max Vg"I love the JJM fruit flavors, and Strawberry Astronaut is one...
  • Strawberry Breeze - Mountain Oak - 30ml

    From Mountain Oak's Enthusiast line, this high VG strawberry blend is great for Suorin and other pod systems High VG (over 60%)
  • V2

    Strawmelon Taffy is a throwback Flavor of Strawberry and Watermelon Taffy."Brings me right back to the Taffy shop on the Boardwalk in Myrtle Beach, SC" - Jennifer  
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